Dinner. It’s What’s for Breakfast!

Preparing foodA while back, one of the breakfast-oriented chains ran ads claiming, “Breakfast! It’s what’s for dinner!” They were encouraging people to come into their restaurants and order breakfast items for dinner. If it’s OK to have breakfast for dinner, then it’s also OK to have dinner for breakfast. And, I’m not just talking about cold pizza.

Breakfast-time tends to be one of the busiest times of the day. That’s why a lot of people skip breakfast or grab something that is less nutritionally-dense than what they really need. Most of use really do need more than 100-200 calories and all carbs in the morning. Ever wondered why you get hungry by 9 or 10AM?

Having dinner leftovers for breakfast can solve these problems:

1) Reheating leftovers can be quick. Especially if you plan ahead and have the plate/container ready to go in the morning so all you have to do is put it in the microwave or oven.

2) Most of us have a good amount of calories for dinner. Having a similar size breakfast can help give us the calories we need to start the day.

3) Most of us have a good amount of protein for dinner. The extra protein can help keep you fuller longer. And, if you have some fat int there, too, you’ve got a couple of long, slow energy burning sources that can keep you from having that mid-morning slump.

It also helps solve one of my biggest issues with traditional breakfast foods. Most breakfast foods are sweet. Cereal, yogurt, etc. all tend to be sweet. When you start your day with sweet a lot of times your brain goes, “Yum! Sweet!” and will keep asking for sweet all day long. By having dinner for breakfast, you’re short-circuiting those sweet sensors and cravings and setting yourself up for a less sweet-driven day.

Yes, having dinner for breakfast can take some getting used to. Personally, I like soups for breakfast – chili or a beef and vegetable soup is a great way to start the day.

Next time you’re preparing dinner, or taking extras home from a restaurant, think about having them for breakfast the next day. Because – Dinner! It’s what’s for breakfast!

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